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Oklahoma City is Quickly Becoming the Medical Tourism Destination for Oncology Treatment

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--HealthLeaders-InterStudy, a leading provider of managed care market intelligence, reports that Oklahoma City is quickly becoming the medical tourism destination for oncology care in the United States. According to the recent Oklahoma City Market Overview, health systems in Oklahoma City are offering proton therapy treatments that are only available in a handful of locations nationwide, and the focus on this specialty radiation treatment in this area will generate additional research funding.

OU Medicine will open a cancer center offering proton therapy in late 2011, positioning itself to compete with market leaders INTEGRIS Health/ProCure Proton Therapy Center. Patients from 23 states, as well as international patients, have already sought treatment at INTEGRIS. While two proton therapy centers will make this location a hot spot, officials maintain that supply will continue to exceed demand. Other health systems in the area will need to amp up their cancer services in order to compete for market share, such as Mercy Health System of Oklahoma, which has already hired 11 oncologists to compete with the two largest system’s cancer programs.

“Health systems in the Oklahoma City market are really carving out a name for themselves in cancer care, thanks to the focus on proton therapy oncology treatment,” said HealthLeaders-InterStudy Market Analyst Jenny Kerr. “As the city becomes a destination for cancer care, the pharmaceutical industry may find more clinical trials and pharmacy opportunities across the entire state.”

In addition to providing detailed analysis of oncology care expansion in the Oklahoma City market, the Oklahoma City Market Overview provides local-level insights about:

  • The movement by providers toward programs such as medical homes
  • Cities across the state that have become hot spots for facility expansions
  • Proposed hospital fees and how it would affect the amount of federal matching funds the state receives to run its Medicaid program

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