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With the technology and standards of healthcare industry rising globally, more and more people are looking at medical tourism as a lucrative solution to solve their problems. The rising popularity of medical travel can be directly traced to the incredibly high costs of healthcare services and never ending waiting lists for some procedures in many countries.

The concept of medical travel heads back to ancient times when Greek pilgrims would travel to a small town called Epidauria for medical treatment. Towns with hot water springs were also considered medical tourism destinations whereas today, countries with well established health care industry including state-of-the-art medical facilities, and proficient doctors are leading the way in the health care tourism industry.

Though tourists seeking health care services come from all over the world but the citizens from Western countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East countries constitute largely to it. The most understandable advantage for health care tourists is a dramatic savings in cost of medical procedures. Individuals who cannot afford health care insurance are simply left with no choice but to travel abroad to a low lost medical procedure. Furthermore, certain procedures such as orthopedic surgeries, knee & hip replacements are now often covered in routine health insurances. It is estimated that nearly 45 million Americans are currently uninsured, which creates a huge market for people needing affordable health releated services.

Amongst most expensive coronary bypass surgeries to mundane dental treatments, health care tourism is making a lot of sense as the same work can be done at a fraction of cost in health care tourism destinations like Costa Rica, India and Thailand. All medical treatments abroad can help you be prepared for extreme emergencies during your international trip.

Another major benefit is that the doctors and surgeons at health care tourism destinations are well-trained internationally as a result, patients can expect quality health care at the reputable medical institutions.

A vital factor that further supports medicinal travel is the ability to add travel and adventure to the medical needs. For many foreign nationals, a trip to healthcare tourism destinations shall be a unique experience with relaxing vacation period following the medical procedure. Medical tourism destinations promote this aspect just as much as the quality and cost of their health.

At destinations like Costa Rica, medical tourists can lounge at one of the country's most beautiful beaches during their recovery, where luxury and pampering is the prime focus.