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Lip Augmentation

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Lip Augmentation


Like the other features of our face, lips make up a significant part of our appearance. Lips can present a smile, a frown or a kiss and can also determine whether or not we look vibrant or aged. Some popular media stars are actually famous for their full lips, which gives them a distinctive, desirable image.

The purpose of this procedure is to give more volume and to contour the shape of the lips in order to give them more aesthetic appeal. Since lip augmentation is a quick and simple procedure, recovery times and risks/complications are held to a minimum.

Patient Characteristics

The ideal candidate for lip augmentation is someone who is in good health, both physically and psychologically, and who has realistic expectations of the final results. The purpose of seeking lip augmentation may be to; provide more facial symmetry, increase self-esteem, restore volume lost due to aging and enhance facial appearance. Your own personal reasons for wanting this procedure should be discussed with your doctor during your consultation.


Injectable filler lip augmentation procedures are simple and don’t take much time – usually lasting approximately a half hour. The injections are performed as an outpatient procedure in the doctor’s office or medical center and the patient will go home the same day. The procedure is also relatively painless once a local anesthetic is given (either topical or injection).

The procedures, themselves, will vary depending on the type of filler used. Some variations that can be expected are:

Collagen injections require a skin test that will check for a possible allergic reaction. This allergy test will be performed several weeks before the scheduled injections.

For fat injections, anesthesia will be applied to both recipient and material donor sites. The fat that will be used is drawn off with either a suction device (cannula) that is similar to the one used in liposuction or with a syringe. The fat will then be sent to the lab for processing and injection into the recipient site (lips).

No allergic skin test is required for Restylane. A thin needle will be used to inject the material in tiny quantities inside the lower and upper lips to add shape and to increase lip volume.

Surgical lip implantation is also a relatively simple procedure that can take as little as an hour to complete. Local anesthesia is used and the surgeon will initially make small incisions at the corners of the mouth and possible other locations on the lips. The material will be used in sheets and threaded through a thin, small tunnel that has been created. The implant is trimmed to precise dimensions and the incisions are then sutured closed.


Recovery from any procedure will usually hinge on factors such as the patient’s health and the actual procedure that was used. Injection procedures tend to have few side effects that only last for a couple of days. In some cases, though, there can be some swelling and/or bruising that can last up to a couple of weeks (depending on the injection type).

Surgical implants, however, take a bit longer and you should allow for at least two weeks for recovery. During the recovery period, you can expect some mild discomfort for up to two days and some bruising/swelling for up to a week.

You will be instructed not to sleep on your stomach and to avoid strenuous activities for up to three days. You will need to keep your lips clean (infection avoidance) and limit laughing/smiling for the first week after surgery. Also, you should limit talking and chewing for the first 48 hours after surgery while applying ice packs periodically.

Recovery with flaps and grafts procedures will take one to two weeks. Lip stiffness may be experienced for 2-3 months with occasional drooling for the first 2 weeks.

Risks Associated with Lip Augmentation

While standard risks apply with any procedure, specific risks can be inherent with certain materials and/or techniques used in lip augmentation. These should be discussed with your doctor prior to making the decision to have a particular procedure.

For injectable materials, the risks will usually depend on the reaction of the patient to the filler material. Some examples are:

Collagen risks will usually involve the possibility of an allergic reaction. This is why an allergy test is performed prior to the injection. However, a negative allergy test result is still no guarantee that a reaction will not occur.

Fat injections, while not carrying a risk of allergic reactions, may still have other rare complications, such as infection (which can be treated with antibiotics).

Restylane® may present some temporary side effects, such as tenderness, moderate discomfort bruising or redness.

With implant surgery, there can be the standard risks such as bleeding, numbness, asymmetry and a possible reaction to the anesthesia. Material from the implant may also migrate to a different location and protrude. Rejection is also a possibility with any foreign substance.

As stated before, you should discuss potential risks associated with your particular procedure with your doctor.

If you are considering lip augmentation in China and would like to get know more information about lip augmentation, please complete the inquiry form or email us at