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Egg Extraction/Egg Donation

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What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is the process in which a woman gives her eggs to other people so they can have children of their own. Most of the time, egg recipients are infertile couples who cannot have children without medical help. Sometimes egg recipients are single women or men, and sometimes egg recipients combine donated eggs with the use of a gestational surrogate, a woman who agrees to get pregnant and have a baby for the intended parents. Fertility clinics and egg donor programs usually manage the egg donation process from start to finish.


A need for egg donation may arise for a number of reasons. Infertile couples may resort to acquiring eggs through egg donation when the female partner cannot have genetic children because she may not have eggs that can generate a viable pregnancy. This situation is often, but not always based on advanced reproductive age. Early onset of menopause which can occur in women as early as their 30’s can require a woman to use donor eggs to grow her family. Some women are born without ovaries or other reproductive organs. Sometimes a woman's reproductive organs have been damaged due to disease or circumstances required her to have them surgically removed. Another indication would be a genetic disorder on part of the woman that can be circumvented by using eggs from another person. Many women have none of these issues, but continue to be unsuccessful using their own eggs.

During the Procedure

Egg donation involves taking several drugs and undergoing a medical procedure to remove the donor's eggs.

The first phase of egg donation usually involves taking drugs to synchronize the donor's menstrual cycle with the intended mother's cycle.

Once synchronized, the egg donor begins taking drugs to stimulate her ovaries to make extra eggs.

The final phase, called egg harvesting, involves surgically removing the eggs from the donor's ovaries.

During the egg harvesting phase, the donor is put under light anaesthesia called twilight so she feels no pain, and doctors place a small needle into her vagina to remove the eggs in a process called egg harvesting.

The entire process, from synchronizing her cycle to egg harvesting is called an egg donation cycle.


Nationwide, egg donor cycles have a success rate of upwards of 60%. When a "fresh cycle" is followed by a "frozen cycle", the success rate with donor eggs goes up to approximately 80%. With egg donation, women who are past their reproductive years or menopause can become pregnant.

The oldest woman thus to give birth is Adriana Iliescu, age 66. Babies born after egg donation are not genetically related to the recipient.


Egg donation carries risks for both donor and recipient, although it must be made clear that the procedure for the donor, and the medication given, is basically the same as the medication given for any IVF procedure (with or without a donor).

The egg donor may suffer complications from the procedure, such as bleeding from the oocyte recovery procedure and reaction to the hormones used to induce hyperovulation (producing more than one egg), including ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) and, rarely, liver failure.The recipient has the risk of contracting a transmittable disease.

Generally legal documents are signed renounce rights of ownership and custody on part of the donor, so that there will be no claims on part of the donor concerning the offspring. Most IVF doctors will not proceed with administering medication to any donor until these documents are in place and a legal "clearance letter" -- confirming this understanding—is provided to the doctor.

If you are considering egg extraction/egg donation in China and would like to get know more information about egg extraction/egg donation, please complete the inquiry form or email us at