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Some procedures performed at Shanghai hospitals of Excellence for Stem Cell Therapy

Hepatitis B

10 characteristics stem cell therapy of liver disease

  • Specificity - Specializing in hepatitis B virus (HBV).
  • Target tropism - DC, installed navigation system, plays a role of T lymphocytes with target to have high accuracy.
  • Go-aheadsim - When transfused, active DC cells induced specific CTL response in vivo actively.
  • Highly active - Initiatively search and attack HBV.
  • Omnibearing - Stimulate specific CTL responses; DC cells induce T cells activation and produce immunes CIK.
  • Memory - TCL in vivo has memory. It will kill HBV again to prevent infection.
  • Longevity - This kind of long-term presence of anti-HBV-specific immune function in vivo can prevent recurrence.
  • Individuation – According to the different types of virus genes in patients’ body, analyses individual viral resistance and does targeted treatment.
  • Security - It kills HBV specially and safely.
Stem Cells

Standard of stem cell therapy curing hepatitis

Response type Improve Basic cure
Biochemical response Slightly abnormal or normal in ALT levels ALT levels returned to normal
Virus Response 50% reduction in HBV-DNA HBV-DNA clearance or inhibition < 105cps/ml
Virus markers response 50% reduction in HBV-M "E" seroconversion, HBeAg disappeared + anti-HBe production
Histological response Histological response Liver histological recovery, light-spot of type-B ultrasonic improvement, activity index ≥ 1 Significant recovery of liver histological features, activity index of organization compared with pre-therapy fell ≥ 2 points, significant improvement of type-B ultrasonic light-spot
Complete response Low HBsAg quantitative, consistent with standard of biochemical improvement in viral response HBsAg is negative and consistent with biochemical virus response criteria



  • Liver function returned to normal, and symptoms disappeared completely.
  • Biochip showed HBV-DNA, HBsAg, HBeAg negative.
  • Liver fibrosis was inhibited significantly, hepatic tissue recovery, type-B ultrasonic light-spot significantly improved, and returned to normal.


  • Liver function is slightly abnormal, and symptoms disappears.
  • Biochip shows concentrations of HBV-DNA, HBsAg, HBeAg decrease significantly.


  • liver function is abnormal, and symptoms are obvious.
  • Biochip shows no significance in decrease or increase of concentrations of HBV-DNA, HBsAg, HBeAg.


Stem Cells Stem cells are not fully differentiated and immature cells with the potential function of regeneration of various tissues and organs, which is called "million by cell” in medical community.

From research, the root cause of human aging is that the number of stem cells decreased and the ability of differentiation reduced, so only through transplanting stem cells in vitro to increase the number of stem cells in vivo and restore early-stage quality of stem cells can fundamentally suppress aging and effectively extend the life time.

After transplanting stem cells into the human body, the body will demand, value-added, differentiated a large number of young cells to replace the aging of the cells in vivo, which will make the body regain homeostasis, repair of all the organizations and organs in time and rapid enhancement of body physiological function. With young cells increasing and senile cells decreasing, the body will definitely return to young state. From the differentiation perspective, the sooner the transplantation of stem cells, the stronger the cell differentiation and the faster refresh rates. Thus it can fundamentally change the general senility of human body cells.

In addition, because stem cells can make hypoderm turgor and improve the ability of cell replacement, the skin wrinkles and pigmentation will gradually be reduced. With gradual improvement of the body enginery, people will become relaxed. So transplanted stem cells through restoring the balance and update of body cells to comprehensively improve body enginery, keep people healthy, improve the quality of life and prolong life time.

Stem Cells


  • No local lesion in surgical site infected.
  • Forbidden to take anticoagulant drugs and aspirin a half months before surgery.
  • Take physical examination before surgery to ensure their own health, quality in mind and able to correctly regard results of operations, and no serious organ disease, no blood clotting disease, no diabetes and autoimmune diseases and neurological movement disorders.
  • Women should avoid preoperative bathing to keep clean during menstrual period as far as possible.

Notes after Surgery:

  • Reduce activities as much as possible for recovery and detumescence, but no bed rest.
  • Take anti-inflammatory drugs for 3 to 5 days according to medical advice.
  • Use elastic bandage as much as possible after half a month of surgery, raise wounded limb to avoid hematoma and help tighten skin