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Some Frequently Asked Questions in Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell transplantation has no side effects, if any, including what risks?

So far, stem cell transplantation has not yet led to large side effects or adverse reactions. Only individual patients suffered some resulting from the puncture site in the lumbar pain, mild dizziness, headache and low fever.

What situation of stem cell transplanted in spinal cord injury?

Spinal cord injury is a refractory disease, although the effect of stem cell transplantation for treatment is very good, but also slowly reflected. Because individual states are different, the time and the probability of walking or the exact effect of recovery is uncertain, but most of the effects are significant.

Is it suitable for children suffering cerebral palsy to transplant? What’s the effect? What’s the most appropriate time? Is the younger the better?

Children with cerebral palsy can use stem cell transplantation in the treatment, period of sequela period the shorter the better. Of course, the effect of children is better than adults, because the children’s brains are still in development, and more active and better acceptance of stem cells. With regards to when to do the treatment, it is recommended to submit the check results to medical professionals to decide.