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Six Don't before receiving the TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Don't make-up

Whether the patients have swollen eyelids, bags under the eyes, or how the lips, nail colors are, please don’t make up any more. Doctors should diagnose patients by seeing your "true colors". And don’t wipe rouge, lipstick, eye socket painting, polish nails, which will cover up the disease.

Don't eat the food or drugs easily dyed fur

The food such as milk, soy, bayberry, coffee, orange will change the fur color; drinking hot drinks, alcohol and eating hot pepper before visits will make the tongue red and reduce coating on the tongue.

Don't use strong odor of items

Don’t take food such as onions, garlic, citrus, gum, alcohol, etc., as well as spray pungent perfume which will cover up illness.

Don't do strenuous exercise

Pulse diagnosis is an important means of Chinese medical consultation. Before the visit, patients should keep calm and avoid feeling irritable and doing strenuous exercises which will affect the palpation.

Don't change doctors frequently

The treatment of many diseases needs time, and frequent replacement of medical treatment will only lead to duplication. For common chronic diseases, after 1-2 month treatment without noticeable effect, you can elect to consider the doctor. But be sure to save the past medical records or prescriptions about your therapy.

Don't follow the previous prescription or someone else's prescription

Some people believe that the disease is cured and can keep the prescription for future use when symptoms recur. Also some patients see other people's illness are similar with theirs, they will quickly use others’ prescription. These two ways are both wrong. Herbalist doctors attach great importance to the physical differences between individuals, the disease cause, time, location and expression, so prescriptions are different. Unless the doctor allows, please do not follow the previous prescription, or other prescription.