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Shanghai Famous Hospitals and Experts for TCM

In China, TCM is under the administration of State Administration of TCM and Pharmacology. National strategies, law and regulations governing TCM are now in place to guide and promote the research and development in this promising industry. Hospitals in China are classified as specialized in western medical system, TCM or both. TCM is now available to 75% of the areas in China. Shanghai now occupies the leading position in the domestic TCM development.

Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yueyang Hospital is a national priority, Level-3A comprehensive hospital of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine. It is one of the attending medical unit designated by Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau.

Features sections:

  • National key specialties: Medicine Hematology, Gynedology, Puncture
  • Shanghai key specialties: Gout, GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease

Shanghai TCM-Integrated Hospital

Traditional Chinese Medicine

STCMIH is a comprehensive hospital featured in the combination of Western medicine with Chinese medicine.

Features sections: Vas, Asthenic bulbar paralysis, Chorionitis

Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of TCM is one of the first batch of four major clinical bases, ten large comprehensive hospitals and national large-scale integrated medicine hospital.

Features sections: Surgery, Tumour, Biliary tract, Nephropathy, Neurology, Respiration internal medicine, Ano-intestine, Male Urogenitla, Rheumatism, Gastroenteropathy, Rachiopathy, Hepatopathy

Shanghai Shuguang Hospital

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shanghai Shuguang Hospital is one of ten general hospitals in Shanghai. In 1993, it was rated as “Level-3A Hospitals” by the National Ministry of Health, and in 1994, it was appraised as " National Demonstration Chinese medicine hospital "

Features sections: Hepatopathy, Osteopathy and Arthropathy, Gastropathy, Nephropathy, Diabetes, Apoplexy, Ano-intestine.

Shanghai Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

SMHTCM is a top-class hospital of TCM and one of the affiliated hospitals of Shanghai University of TCM

It is a Level-3A hospital with strong Chinese Medicine characteristic, complete clinical departments and plenty of medical talents.

Features sections:Anhypnia, Neurology, Child anorexia, Cazenave's lupus, Protrasion of the lumbar intervertebral disci.